Support & Emergency Grants

Which Grant Is Right For You?​

Thank you for reaching out to NOMV for support. The NOMV Resource Program provides resources and/or financial support in three main ways.

  1. Support Grants are for individuals who are working or have worked in the veterinary field in the last six months or to veterinary students who are currently enrolled in a veterinary or veterinary technician program who are going through a crisis;
  2. Emergency Grants are for veterinary practices who are struggling to remain open or reopen during or after a natural disaster;
  3. NOMV’s List is a searchable database of peer-recommended resources that have been vetted by mental health professionals.

Grant applications will take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete and applicants will hear back from the NOMV Operations Administrator within two weeks of submission.  NOMV is a public charity and we have limited donated funds for this program, therefore not all applicants will receive financial assistance, but the program also provides additional, non-financial resources whenever possible. Requirements for all grant recipients include, but are not limited to: proof of payment to the approved expense/vendor, a third-party ID verification, and employment/enrollment verification.

Anti-Abuse Statement: We understand that being in crisis can elicit heightened states of emotion. However, we believe in mutual respect and do not tolerate the abuse of NOMV staff or volunteers under any circumstances. NOMV staff and volunteers are held to a code of conduct, and we expect those we interact with to also be held to the same standards of kindness and mutual respect. We will not tolerate verbal or written communications that are disrespectful, blaming, shaming, guilting, or otherwise intended to harm the recipient. Anyone who participates in these activities is subject to removal of their application and/or award and will be barred from future opportunities to apply to the program. Additionally, applicants that attempt to utilize their relationship with NOMV staff or volunteers in order to bypass the application and award process will be denied a grant. Let’s support each other with compassion, kindness, patience, and recognition that each person is doing their best.

NOMV Individual Support Grant

These grants are designated to help individuals (including students) in the veterinary field who need financial or other support up to $1,000 (actual funds awarded are usually well below this maximum amount).

So this is the right grant if you are applying for:

  • Help for an individual.


  • That individual is, has been, or will be working in the veterinary field.


  • That individual is enrolled in a veterinary or vet tech program at a college or university.

This grant cannot be used to pay for student loans or tuition but can be used for many other things, including: groceries, rent, utilities, and current medical bills. Applicants for this grant also can be eligible for resources including relief staffing, CE help, and financial planning.

NOMV Veterinary Practice Emergency Grant

These grants are designated for the purpose of keeping vet med businesses open following the impact of a natural disaster.

So this is the right grant if you are applying for:

  • Help for a business in the veterinary field.


  • Your business has been affected and is at risk of closing its doors due to a pandemic, wildfire, or other natural disaster.

This grant is limited to $5,000 per practice, except for help towards covid-19 related losses which can only be funded up to $1,000.