Join The Community

We only have two rules at NOMV:

  • You must be a vet.
  • You cannot be an asshole.

Think you can follow those rules? Great! We would love to have you. If you would like to join us we need two things from you:

  • We need proof that you are a veterinarian. This can be a license number, a picture of your diploma, a link to your clinic’s website. Really we aren’t that picky about how you prove it, but you must prove that you are a veterinarian. Veterinary students can submit proof that they are enrolled in vet school and be added to our NOMV students page.
  • We need the email that you joined facebook with. The group is hosted on facebook, and to add members who are not facebook friends with an admin, Facebook requires your email.

To join message our Membership team here.

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