NOMV Ambassadors


The mission of the NOMV Ambassador Program is to add local support networks to unite and support the veterinary community on a local level.

Each local Ambassador Chapter will strive to:

  • Reduce mental health stigma
  • Identify, share, and collect resources for local support for those in need
  • Increase awareness of the rise in mental health challenges in our veterinary community and the difficulties of our chosen profession
  • Act as a source of support, camaraderie, networking, socialization, and education for our local veterinary community
  • Introduce and launch new initiatives, events, and resources 
  • Identify opportunities to provide education and information at local CE and/or media events

This incredible new program was developed by a team of volunteers committed to expanding NOMV’s resources to local communities. Before long, NOMV hopes to see a chapter in every community hosting continuing education events and sharing about NOMV at local conferences, and most importantly cultivating a sense of community at a local level through wellness events and activities hosted by the local chapter.

Check to see our current chapters below! If your region doesn’t have an official registered chapter yet, review the NOMV Ambassador Handbook, find 1 other person in your community interested in leading a chapter, and email to begin forming a chapter of your own.

Current Chapters