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Our mission is to transform the educational experience within the veterinary profession by cultivating communities that empower mental wellbeing so individuals can thrive during school and beyond.

Group of Texas A&M Students

As a veterinary, veterinary technician, or undergraduate pre-veterinary student you are eligible to get involved with the NOMV Student Support & Mentorship Committee. We exist for YOU! 

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Landing on your feet: Navigating New Environments in the Veterinary Profession

By the end of this program, viewers will be able to: 1. Understand key problem and pitfall areas that can be pain points for new graduates or being new in a different environment. 2. Be aware of mental health risks that new graduates can face, and some resources and strategies that can be utilized as preventative management. 3. Understand communication strategies to foster positive collaborative interactions in team dynamics. 4. Identify strategies and tools that can be implemented for doing self-evaluations for well-being, leadership growth and mentorship needs.

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