CLEAR Blueprint

Creating a CLEAR blueprint to inspire a mentally healthy culture within the veterinary profession; energizing compassionate transformation of workplaces with actionable resources.

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“Transformation, is defined as a dramatic change in appearance. With veterinary teams overworked and stressed out, shortages in critical staff positions, and heightened levels of conflict within veterinary facilities, transformation is crucial in veterinary medicine.” –Dr. Jim Lowe, DVM, CLEAR Blueprint Co-Chair

CLEAR Blueprint is a practice certification program created and administered by NOMV and powered by funder, Merck Animal Health. The program was developed by an interdisciplinary team of veterinary professionals, mental health professionals, and legal and business experts. Our mission is to provide a CLEAR Blueprint to inspire a mentally healthy culture within the veterinary profession; energizing compassionate transformation of workplaces with actionable resources. The program is scalable and applicable to any workplace in the veterinary field.

Domains include aligning practice with a succinct mission statement, fostering brave leadership throughout the workforce, integrating healthy ways to manage workplace conflict, helping staff learn stress management and emotional balance tools, and designing clinic-client protocols for positive engagement.

CLEAR Blueprint is a workplace wellness certification program developed by Not One More Vet, Inc. (NOMV). This program provides resources and guidance to teams of veterinary professionals empowering them to develop and maintain mentally healthy workplaces. Teams that demonstrate their commitment to staff wellbeing are eligible for CLEAR Blueprint certification.

CLEAR Blueprint provides resources to adopt and implement mentally healthy practices in the workplace. The policies and procedures each workplace adopts help to define how staff are expected to treat themselves, each other, and all of the humans they encounter while caring for animals.

CLEAR Blueprint’s resources were developed by a multidisciplinary team of individuals from the veterinary, mental health, and other professional sectors. The resources are based on research and best practices with links to the original sources for those looking to dive deeper on any particular topic. Additionally, we offer original content that utilizes a strengths-based social work model where teams are encouraged and empowered to use the skills within their existing teams to cultivate individualized change from within. As the program grows and more teams engage with the certification process, we envision a community of CLEAR Blueprint teams sharing their successes with each other towards a mentally healthier industry.

This program is designed to be respectful and kind to the veterinary professionals seeking certification. The NOMV team will engage with workplaces when it is convenient for them. The path to certification is mindful of the time constraints of veterinary teams who are already stretched thin. The NOMV team is available to provide ongoing support, through the certification process and while certification is current.

We believe that CLEAR Blueprint certification is valuable to organizations with intended outcomes including increased staff retention, fostering an engaging workplace, and improved employee recruitment. By aligning with NOMV’s values, through the CLEAR Blueprint program, certified practices demonstrate their commitment to employee wellbeing inside and out of the organization.

Enrollment fees for assessment and certification range from $599 – $999 USD, based on the number of employees. Scholarships and other options may be available to qualifying organizations to help offset cost as a barrier to participation.

After five years, certified organizations may opt to enroll in re-certificaiton at a reduced cost compared to initial certification

NOMV is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the mental wellbeing of veterinary professionals and as such, all fees paid into the CLEAR Blueprint program are used to directly operate, administer, and continually improve the program.

Workplaces interested in becoming CLEAR Blueprint Certified can sign up on our new portal as quick and simple as 1—2—3. 

  1. Sign Up to create a new account. Or, if you have an existing user profile on any of NOMV’s program portals, click Sign In to access your existing account.*
  2. Complete and submit the interest form on behalf of your workplace.
  3. A CLEAR Blueprint representative from NOMV will be in contact with you within 2 weeks of submission.**
* Creating a portal account and having a meeting with the CLEAR team does NOT obligate you to pay for or complete the program.
** At that time, your workplace will be added to the CLEAR Queue, and based on where you are on that waitlist, a NOMV representative will work with you to determine an approximate timeline for when your workplace will be invited to begin the certification process.

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