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Creating a CLEAR blueprint to inspire a mentally healthy culture within the veterinary profession; energizing compassionate transformation of workplaces with actionable resources.

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“Transformation, is defined as a dramatic change in appearance. With veterinary teams overworked and stressed out, shortages in critical staff positions, and heightened levels of conflict within veterinary facilities, transformation is crucial in veterinary medicine. ” Dr. Jim Lowe, DVM, CLEAR Blueprint Co-Chair

CLEAR Blueprint, a free practice certification sponsored by Merck Animal Health, was developed by an interdisciplinary team of veterinary professionals, mental health professionals, and lawyers. One of our founding objectives was to create a program that would be scalable and applicable to any workplace in the veterinary field. Our intention is to empower teams to implement the changes that will develop and maintain healthy cultures that prioritize staff wellbeing for practice owners, veterinarians, support staff, and everyone involved in veterinary medicine. 

Domains include aligning practice with a succinct mission statement, fostering brave leadership throughout the workforce, integrating healthy ways to manage workplace conflict, helping staff learn stress management and emotional balance tools, and designing clinic-client protocols for positive engagement.

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