Frequently Asked Questions

NOMV is run by our board:

• Executive Board: Carrie Jurney, DVM, ACVIM (Neuro), CCFP is our President, Dr Abby Whiting is our Vice President/Secretary and Dr. Melanie Goble is our Treasurer

• Our Board of Directors also includes Dr. Nicole McArthur (Founder) and Dr. Jason Sweitzer.

After the tragic death of Dr. Sophia Yin by suicide, our Founder, Dr. Nicole McArthur, started our Facebook forum as a space for veterinarians to talk about their day to day struggles. It rapidly grew to include over 20,000 veterinarians from all continents on the globe. We became a registered 501c3 in 2017. Since that time NOMV has added support forums for veterinary team members and vet students, a grant program, educational programs and online resources.

Please click on the group to see the relevant rules:

Not One More Vet
Not One More Vet Support Staff
Not One More Vet Student

Content on the NOMV Support Forums can only be seen by forum members. We encourage our members to remember that true privacy is difficult to achieve on the internet. If you are concerned about content being seen by others, we encourage you to use our anonymous posting service. When you message our support page, only our moderators will know where the content is from. They are held to strict confidentiality rules. They will review your content, to make sure it is anonymous and follows forum rules, and then post it to the forum on your behalf.

If you wish for truly anonymous support, we recommend you reach out to our anonymous peer to peer support service here (VISP link).

I have concerns about content on one of the support forums:
Please reach out to our moderator teams at NOMV Moderator and NOMVSS Moderator.

Due to NOMV’s status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, indirect costs are limited to 12% of direct costs.

I am a mental health worker and/or academic, and would like to join/observe or conduct research in NOMV.

The primary focus of our support forums is peer to peer support. Only veterinary professionals are allowed within the support forums. However, we do support researched aimed at understanding and improving veterinary wellbeing. If you would like to have your project reviewed for possible distribution within the group please email I have resources I wish to share with the NOMV community.

Because of our status as a non-profit, we focus on sharing free resources with our membership. We do not, as a rule, promote or advertise for profit business within our support forums.