Frequently Asked Questions

Only approved members, who are all veterinarians, have direct access to the page. However, please be conscious of the fact that nothing that is posted to social media is ever 100% private. Unfortunately we have had content from the page shared with others. Sharing content from the page with non-members is grounds for immediate banning from the group.
The admin team includes:
Nicole Blackmer McArthurCarrie JurneyMelanie Metz Goble ,Jason Sweitzer, and Abby Whiting.
We also have an incredible and diverse team that helps us run the forum, tackling projects from membership admissions to anonymous posting. These amazing volunteers include  Jeanette Lee PanthyrNora van GenugtenJeanette Lee PanthyrBecca McDonald and Amber Hutchinson
The rules of the NOMV forum can be found here.
There are three ways to report content to the moderator team. You can report the content using the menu at the top right of each posts. You may also message the team at our NOMV Moderator page. You can also tag @NOMVModerator in the post and this will alert the moderator team that the post needs attention. Tagging the whole team instead of just one specific moderator often lets the issue be dealt with much quicker.
Often we try to either PM the parties involve or explain on the post why content was removed or locked. If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at the NOMV Moderator Page. We try our best to be fair and consistent in moderating the page. We welcome questions and are happy to explain actions further if required. In return, we ask our members to please remember you moderators are volunteers who put tremendous effort in to the page. Abuse of the moderators is not tolerated and is grounds for removal from NOMV.
Please use the contact button to reach out to the admin team. We do not allow non-veterinarian mental health workers to join NOMV, nor see the feed directly. However, we may be able to assist in other forms of research. For instance we are happy to ask the members if they would like to be included in a study or fill out a survey. 
Vet students are encouraged to reach out to Jason Sweitzer or Melanie Metz Goble to join NOMV Student. We decided to split the vet students from the main NOMV page because of the special concerns that vet students face, as well as some concerns brought up by some vet school professors. All vet students will be welcome into NOMV with open arms upon graduation.
While we love and appreciate our veterinary support staff, NOMV is limited to veterinarians only. There are several online support groups including Lab Coat/No Closet (contact admin Anna Jeffers to join) and Veterinary Support Staff Unleashed that offer support to support staff. 

Content on NOMV is confidential. If you would like to share something you found on NOMV outside the group, please contact the author of the content directly to discuss. Sharing content from NOMV without express written permission from the original author is grounds for immediate removal from the group. 

Well, we’re all veterinarians. We can take it. However, we ask if you are going to share a graphic image that you do so in the comments. For instance, if I wanted to share a picture from a hard case I would make a post saying “Check out this really gross wound I treated today” post it, then comment on my own post and include the picture there. This allows members to pick and choose what graphic content they see. Sometimes, when you’ve had a really bad day, you just can’t stomach another maggot case, ya know?

We want to support you and your endeavors on NOMV. However, given the groups size we’ve elected to direct these sorts of posts to our #hashtag posts. This helps keeps this information centralized, and it makes the content more searchable for members that would be interested. To use a #hashtag post, search within NOMV for one of our hashtags: #CE, #extracurricular, #CoolThingsIveDone, #Surverys, #Research, #Charity, #Fundraiser, #ForSale, #LookingtoBuy, #NOMVBuySellTrade. These posts are refreshed once a month to keep them fresh. And don’t worry- when you comment, the post will be driven to the top of the feed so everyone can see what you are up to!

If you want to advertise something outside of a #hashtag post, we just ask that you reach out to the moderator team in advance.

Hey, we really really try to not police content on NOMV, and we know how stressful a puzzling case can be. However, we really discourage cases on NOMV.  The board is not monitored by specialists, like VIN, and frankly we want to keep the page aimed at mental health. So, we will ask you please to try to resist. If you need emotional support about a case, and feel like vets would better understand with more detail- that’s okay. Just please don’t ask for treatment courses and drug doses and the like.

There are some great clinical groups on Facebook like Vet to Vet. If you want to join Vet to Vet, please message their admins Janice Bremner or Lindsay Kraig. When messaging them, please include proof that you are a vet (being a member of NOMV counts!).

We welcome job posting on NOMV.  Posters should be aware that our community fiercely values a positive work environment and healthy work/life balance. If you feel like your job opening fits that bill, our membership will welcome your post with open arms. We also ask that this content be published in our #jobs post. Search the site for #jobs to find this thread, and leave your posting in the comments.