Anti-Cyber Harassment Resources

Cyber harassment, also referred to as cyberbullying or online harassment, is the deliberate use of technology to target an individual or business with the intent to intimidate, harass, embarrass, discredit, or otherwise cause emotional distress. While harassment often shows up as a pattern of abusive communications, a single instance can be enough to cause distress or damage to the reputation of an individual or business. Individuals impacted by cyber harassment are more susceptible to wellbeing distress which can look like anxiety, fear, stress, etc.

Common examples of Cyber-Harassment:

  • Harassing emails
  • Harassing voicemail messages
  • Harassing texts
  • Harassing posts on social media

Veterinary Specific Examples: 

  • Unfounded accusations of misconduct
  • Malpractice
  • General incompetence
  • Lack of perceived compassion
  • Communications may make misleading or untrue assertions with reference to the treatment of an animal or client with the intent of casting doubt on the competence or trustworthiness of an individual or business

This resource provides: 

  • Support to alleviate stressors that impact the mental health of veterinary professionals¬†
  • Tools to prepare for a potential cyber harassment attack
  • Actionable steps to take during an attack
Six veterinary professionals are wearing scrubs and smiling towards the camera. Three of the people in the image are giving a "thumbs up" and the person in the front of the group holds a piece of paper that shows a "Thank You" message.

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