Support & Emergency Grants

Every single veterinary professional receives the support they need so that we don’t lose one more. Because we are all one, and you are never alone.

Which Grant Is Right For You?​

Someone from our organization will contact applicants within 72 hours. From the time that we them, applicants have 72 hours to respond to us or we will not be able to …

We do not send funds directly to applicants. We pay any expenses directly to the vendor, utility company, or creditor.

NOMV Individual Support Grant

These grants are designated to help individuals (including students) in the veterinary field who need financial or other support up to $1,000.

So this is the right grant if you are applying for:

  • Help for an individual.


  • That individual is, has been, or will be working in the veterinary field.

This grant cannot be used to pay for student loans or tuition but can be used for many other things, including: groceries, rent, utilities, and medical bills. Applicants for this grant also can be eligible for non-cash resources including relief staffing, CE help, and household supplies.

NOMV Veterinary Practice Emergency Grant

These grants are designated for the purpose of keeping vet med businesses open following the impact of a natural disaster.

So this is the right grant if you are applying for:

  • Help for a business in the veterinary field.


  • Your business has been affected and is at risk of closing its doors due to a pandemic, wildfire, or other natural disaster.

This grant is limited to $5,000 per practice, except for help towards covid-19 related losses which can only be funded up to $1,000.