NOMV is participating in research to further the advancement of wellness, mental health, and the reduction of suicide in veterinary professionals, helping to bring a better future to all in the profession.

Knowing the startling stastistics about Veterinary mental health and suicide is useful, but understanding the underlying issues is of far greater import. At NOMV we recognize the need for comprehensive research to further advance our mission. We are conducting our own research projects with respected institutions as well as assisting others in their research. Some of the institutions we worked with in 2020 include: University of Tennessee, Auburn University, Johns Hopkins University, Oregon State University, and Colorado State University.

Current Research Project

Intersectionality identities among the United States veterinary community: Mental health, help-seeking and suicidality. 

This research study survey was created by NOMV (, MCVMA ( and the University of Tennessee Veterinary Social Work program. If you are employed or study in any area of the veterinary community, please consider taking this survey: