NOMV Book Club

Woman reading a book

Beginning June 1st, NOMV is launching a volunteer book club! This initiative is a branch of our ever-growing NOMV Education Committee and is led by volunteer Sarah Marzulli. 

When approached with the idea, Sarah squealed with excitement mentioning how she was trying to start a book club with her friend group and no one appeared interested. This was a lifelong dream come true for Sarah as she will lead the volunteer community on a literary journey. 

For the time being, the NOMV Book Club is in a pilot phase restricted to NOMV volunteers, but may eventually expand to include anyone who’s interested and a member of one of the NOMV Facebook Groups. 

The initial group includes 30 NOMV volunteers eager to read a book on a hugely important topic in the veterinary community: boundaries. The group is excited to elevate the work of author Nedra Tawwab, LCSW with her book “Set Boundaries, Find Peace” and discuss the insights gained from her work in their virtual group!