Volunteer Pet Spotlight: Caitlin Furlong

Welsh/Arabian Cross horse named Jellybean in a field at sunset

Jellybean, NEIGHborhood Watch

Jellybean is a 30 year old Welsh/Arabian Cross pony. Volunteer Caitlin likes to pretend Jellybean is a model and uses him for her clinic’s vaccine postcards! He’s also a big dog that follows her around anywhere she goes. He’s also 30, which in and of itself is impressive!

Pitbull mix named Hank swimming in a pool

Hank, PAWject Manager

Hank is a 2 year old pitbull mix. Hank was dumped with his sister at a high kill shelter in North Carolina as a puppy. A local NJ rescue pulled him from the high kill in NC and Caitlin’s family found him shortly after. About 4 months into having him, we found that he LOVED to swim. Once it is warm and the pool is open, he’s rarely dry.