Volunteer Spotlight: Michelle Crane, CVT

Photo of person named Michelle Crane in a vet tech uniform holding a grumpy cat and mimicking the cats facial expression.

How long have you volunteered with NOMV?

August 2019

What’s your role(s) with NOMV?

NOMVSS Member, Moderator, Grants Committee

What’s your professional role?

Senior Customer Success Manager at ScopioVet

What’s your favorite thing about volunteering for NOMV? 

Partnering with others who are passionate about supporting our beloved veterinary community.

Why do you volunteer for NOMV?

I strongly believe in it’s mission.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I’m Vice President in a Toastmasters club… President next term!

Where are you located?


Why are you committed to the NOMV mission?

I’ve been a tech for 16 years, and for many of those years really struggling. I sincerely think if I had a group like ours for those dark days would have been brighter.

What goals do you have for the future of your profession?

Initially I was all about improving patient care, that’s why we all started, right? But now I’ve adjusted my approach to taking care of the care takers. Advocating for improvements in the veterinary industry so we can stop losing our friends and colleagues to other industries or the grave.

What are your aspirations within NOMV?

I aspire to become a board member and focus on volunteering as much as possible since I believe in our vision.

Final words from Michelle, “Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you want or need anything at all my friends. I’m here for you 💕