NOMV Ambassadors Program

On July 1, 2021, Not One More Vet, Inc. will deploy a new program within the NOMV Education Committee called NOMV Ambassadors. The mission of the NOMV Ambassador Program is to add local support networks to unite and support the veterinary community on a local level.

Each local Ambassador Chapter will strive to:

  • Reduce mental health stigma
  • Identify, share, and collect resources for local support for those in need
  • Increase awareness of the rise in mental health challenges in our veterinary community and the difficulties of our chosen profession
  • Act as a source of support, camaraderie, networking, socialization, and education for our local veterinary community
  • Introduce and launch new initiatives, events, and resources 
  • Identify opportunities to provide education and information at local CE and/or media events

This incredible new program was developed by a team of volunteers committed to expanding NOMV’s resources to local communities. The development process was led by Dr. Lesley Steele, a veterinarian based in eastern Canada and longtime NOMV Facebook Moderator. 

Dr. Steele shared “In February 2020, I pitched an idea for the NOMV Ambassador’s Program to the NOMV Board in Las Vegas – I wanted to create a safe place for local connection and support for our members – I am grateful for their trust and approval to move forward and create.  Unfortunately, the global pandemic caused some delays in getting started, but I am truly humbled by the incredible team of volunteers who took an idea, and in a very short time, created an amazing program that we are so excited to launch.

I am proud to be involved with NOMV, and our NOMV Ambassador Team is incredibly excited to approve and support our first NOMV Ambassador Chapters in New England in the coming months.“

Dr. Steele was lucky enough to find herself surrounded by a team of passionate volunteers ready to move from concept to reality committing over 40 volunteer hours among the team in a one month period.

Amy Martunas, CVT & Chair of the Education Committee (Rhode Island) was deeply invested in this project. Amy mentions “The NOMV Ambassadors will bring peer-to-peer support from online to local veterinary networks, enhancing the resources currently provided by NOMV and addressing mental health on a local level. We have an innovative team of volunteers dedicated to the successful launch of this program and are looking forward to positively supporting veterinary professionals while providing necessary resources that will positively impact sustainability and mental wellness within the profession.”

Dr. Mallory Preston, a veterinarian based in Texas collaborated with Sydni Martin, CVT (Rhode Island) to research and develop a chapter framework which served as the foundation for the program. Keri Schiller (Pennsylvania), Maddie Caldwell (Iowa), Alana Dent (Australia) and Rhea McHugh (British Columbia, CA) worked to define and establish the role of a NOMV Ambassador. With these two key components in place, the entire team worked with Dr. Steele, Dr. Shannon Emmons, DVM (Maine), Dr. Tasha Wilson, DVM (New Hampshire), and Dr. Mary Zenon (Montana) to finalize a handbook that would help NOMV allies in the community to create a chapter of their very own!

The next step for the team is to deploy a chapter based in New England as a test site. Once they assess the success of that chapter and revise their handbook, the NOMV Ambassador Program is looking to expand throughout the US with an ultimate goal of expanding internationally around the world!

This fantastic team effort goes to show the demand and commitment of NOMV volunteers to expand resources and peer-to-peer support beyond the Facebook community where they originally started. Before long, NOMV hopes to see a chapter in every community hosting continuing education events and sharing about NOMV at local conferences, and most importantly cultivating a sense of community at a local level through wellness events and activities hosted by the local chapter.

For more information about starting a chapter in your community, contact for details.