Event Spotlight: Standing Committee on Wellness (SCoW)

Feedback from our collaborators at SCoW

Messages from NOMV Student Support Group

On April 19th, 2021 the NOMV Student Support Group joined forces with the International Veterinary Students Association (IVSA) after a request from their Standing Committee on Wellness. The current veterinary students were hosting Solidarity Week to create awareness about mental health in the veterinary field. The group of young mental health activists inspired a presentation called “Whole Body, Whole Mind, Whole Lot to Learn: Wellness Strategies for Veterinary Students.” Dr. Taylor Miller, a Lead Student Mentor with the NOMV Student Support Group took the lead on creating an informative presentation about intentionally creating time and space for wellness in a vet student’s day. She shared stories about times when she should have recognized the need for change before a wake-up call like no other: the death of a loved one and the birth of twins. Dr. Miller, also a Licensed  Professional Counselor – Intern, skillfully intertwined her own story with a call to action for these current students to assess their “wellness wheel” and think about connecting their values to the time they allocate to their day to day lives. Dr. Erika Hendel, Chair of the Student Support Group also shared their perspective on wellness and the amount of effort involved to have your time and your resume actively reflect your values. Dr. Hendel also created a presentation about NOMV and the role of the newly formed Student Support Group. Kendall Sweeney, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine DVM Candidate Class ’23 and a Student Representative for NOMV, bravely shared her experiences overcoming mental health challenges and her commitment to not just being an amazing veterinarian but being a healthy one. Finally, Dr. Matt Holland rounded out the presentation by sharing his journey to mental wellness which led him to join the NOMV Student Support Group where he has the opportunity to mentor current students. Dr. Holland also served as the event moderator when he wasn’t providing opportunities for overwhelming laughter to the entire team. The event was a huge success and the volunteers with SCoW and NOMV cannot wait to continue partnering for future events!