NOMV Advocates - Wisconsin Outreach Event

NOMV Board Member & Treasurer, Dr. Melanie Goble and NOMV volunteer Kelly Drescher Johnson pioneered the first NOMV Advocate Outreach Event throughout Wisconsin.

The duo joined forces when Kelly shared with Melanie that she’d be visiting Wisconsin and naturally they planned to spend their weekend together driving to local veterinary clinics to shower them with appreciation.

All in all, the team visited 7 clinics in one day and dropped off fruit & veggie platters with other goodies to the unsuspecting clinics. In a matter of 5 hours, they covered 4 counties.

As you can tell from their photos from the day, they had a lot of fun bonding with one another and brought about happy tears by some of the beneficiaries of their kindness.

If you’re inspired by their work, consider signing up to be a NOMV Advocate in your local community!