Volunteer Spotlight: Amy Martunas

A portrait of Amy Martunas, a Certified Vet Technician
How long have you volunteered with NOMV?

January 2021

What is your role(s) with NOMV?

Chair – Education Committee

What's your professional role?

Global Director, Preclinical Application Support for Instech Laboratories

What's your favorite thing about volunteering for NOMV? 

Realizing the vision and impact that NOMV has for the veterinary community – there are so many amazing projects happening across all of our focus areas that will directly impact our colleague’s lives in a positive way. We have an absolutely phenomenal team and it’s honestly humbling to be involved with an organization that cares so much about changing the course of veterinary medicine.

Why do you volunteer for NOMV?

I’ve been a part of this industry since 1999 and have seen countless colleagues burn out and leave the field for many of the issues NOMV is seeking to address for all of us working in various areas of veterinary medicine. In 2017, I lost a beautiful friend and colleague to suicide – someone I never would have imagined would take her own life. Her laughter & smartass personality could make any dark day just a little bit brighter.

I want to see the industry become a sustainable profession for those of us currently working in the field, and for those looking to join the field. I’d love to proudly encourage individuals to join this industry, without citing sobering statistics, unhealthy work environments, or lack of focus on mental wellness. NOMV is working to address all of these concerns and I’m proud to be a part of just a small piece of all of the amazing goals that NOMV is looking to achieve.

What's a fun fact about you?

I’m a homeschool kid – I’ve never attended a traditional elementary, high school, or college.

Where are you located?

Rhode Island (the beaches here are beautiful…just sayin’)

Why are you committed to the NOMV mission?

NOMV exemplifies what I’d love to see change in the veterinary industry. There are so many individuals, both within and outside of the field, that are passionate about contributing to changes in our profession.

I’m excited to embrace what NOMV is working towards, and passionate about being a part of lasting change within our industry so that my current and future colleagues see veterinary medicine as a sustainable profession that encourages mental wellness and professional/personal balance.

What goals do you have for the future of your profession?

Is there a character limit for this question? Ideally, I’d love to see veterinary medicine be an appealing and sustainable career path for colleagues (whether they’re customer service representatives, vet assistants, credentialed technicians or veterinarians). I’d love to see mental wellness and work-life balance be focus areas for private and corporate veterinary practices; in addition to having resources readily available on these topics for team members.

Our profession has a lot of work to do – but I can’t wait to see the impact that NOMV will have on our industry as a whole, because this organization is doing great things!

What are your aspirations within NOMV?

Eventually, I’d love to join the NOMV board of directors.