Volunteer Spotlight: Kendall Sweeney

A veterinary student holding a dog in a clinic

April 2021

Ross Student Representative

Being able to share mental health resources with my peers and helping to bring awareness to the current crisis that veterinarians and veterinary staff face.

I joined NOMV to help bring additional resources to my school, but in doing so I found a much bigger purpose. The Student Support and Mentorship Committee has already helped me to hone my public speaking skills, accept my flaws, but most importantly to raise awareness to our cause. This organization is so incredible and has done so much in such a short amount of time. I'm so proud to be a part of ending the stigma against mental health issues, specifically in the veterinary community.

I've helped raise 4 Bengal tigers, 3 African lion cubs, and 1 Hoffman two-toed sloth.

Home is New Jersey, my second home is St Kitts.

To help give vets and vet professionals better access to mental health care and resources in an attempt to lower the suicide rate among the community.

I would love to lead a talk about what its like to learn to become a doctor during the pandemic.