Volunteer Spotlight: Isabella Santoro

Headshot of a veterinary technician

January 2021

I lead the Veterinary Content Committee

Veterinary Technician

I love working with people who share a passion for acceptance and mental health within this community. NOMV is a safe place for many, including me.

Mental wellbeing is an entity that is easily left behind in the veterinary field, and I want to be part of a group of experts that cultivate a very much needed change. Volunteering for NOMV is an extremely valuable way to make an impact and I love the opportunity to learn more about how to help those struggling in this field. As a veterinary technician, I have faced my fair share of field-related adversity but found support in NOMVSS, so it's important to me to give back.

I'm allergic to sloths, and I can play 3 instruments!

Connecticut, USA

I'm a glutton for challenge and effective altruism, so I won't rest until I've contributed something valuable to a worthy cause, one that is committed to helping so many people who devote THEIR lives to saving animal lives.

Aside from growing within my position as a veterinary technician at a pharmaceutical company, I'd like to be involved in the publishing of research that pertains to mental health in the veterinary field.

So far, I love leading my committee and helping my members thrive. I hope I can continue to support this committee for the long haul 🙂