Volunteer Spotlight: Dimitris Letsos

Photo of a dog on his back with a veterinarian giving him belly rubs at a clinic
How long have you volunteered with NOMV?

April 2021 – I’m kind of new!

What is your role(s) with NOMV?

I work with the Education Committee – I try to organize the International Subcommittee

What's your professional role?

I run my own small animal clinic and work there with four other wonderful vets!

What's your favorite thing about volunteering for NOMV? 

The people of course. Getting to know people from all over the world is amazing!

Why do you volunteer for NOMV?

In the past, I had my troubles with clients, like most vets. Malicious feedback, people threatening to hurt or kill me and staff members, people taking out all of their troubles on us. I found NOMV somehow by accident – a TED talk and some random links. Instantly it felt like home, people were sharing their daily problems, asking for advice, getting support and finding a safety net in times of trouble. NOMV felt like a solution to some of our problems, and so I wanted to be part of the solution as well.

What's a fun fact about you?

So I took part in a commercial two days ago – I played the father who gets emotional once he receives the books for his son from the bookstore. I will be at bus stops and on tv!

Where are you located?

Athens – Greece

Why are you committed to the NOMV mission?

Mostly because I feel like it works . NOMV has had a positive impact on me and in the lives of many.

What goals do you have for the future of your profession?

I hope to see a proper mentorship structure in place, to help the new vets grow. And I hope to see vets come together and support each other more.

What are your aspirations within NOMV?

NOMV feels a lot like family. So getting to know as many of the team members as possible and, once it’s safe to travel after COVID, meeting in person is what I hope to do in the future.