NOMV Advocates - Sarasota Outreach Event

NOMV Program Manager Bri decided to host a NOMV Advocate Outreach Event after spending several days at the emergency vet for her dog Pumba.

The veterinary clinic took such great care of Pumba that she experienced a speedy recovery and made friends with all of the doctors and support staff she met during her time at the clinic. Bri decided to thank the clinic and meet the infamous duo of Zoe and Zucchini – who we’re all pretty sure is Pumba’s long lost older sister – to drop off some snacks and a card to thank the team for taking such great care of Pumba.

After Pumba gave several thank you kisses to whoever would accept one she enjoyed a surprise mini-playdate with Zucchini. The staff at the clinic were grateful for the snacks and to see Pumba back to her normal self – as was Bri!

If you’re inspired by her work, consider signing up to be a NOMV Advocate in your local community!