NOMV Giveaway: Vet Financial Summit Tickets

What our giveaway winners have to say...

Often, when people learn that the veterinary community are at increased risk for suicide their initial reaction is “Why?!” At NOMV we know there’s not a blanket answer to this question as there are several risk factors ranging from cyberbullying to work-life balance to imposter syndrome and more. One of the most common risk factors are finances.

Upon learning about the Veterinary Financial Summit, NOMV wanted to reach out to the summit to form a partnership. The summit team was immediately supportive of the idea to collaborate and generously provided 10 free registrations for NOMV to give away. Dr. Meredith Jones, DVM and Veterinary Financial Summit Co-Founder shared “Finances are consistently one of the top concerns of vet professionals. The mission of Veterinary Financial Summit is to improve our colleagues’ financial wellness.” Additionally, Vet Financial Summit offered NOMV a chance to present during the conference about the resources available to veterinary professionals through our organization. 

In order to enter to win one of the free registrations, entrants had to be members of any of the three NOMV Facebook peer-support groups to enter (veterinarians, support staff, veterinary students). The lucky winners experienced an incredible educational opportunity and received 14 continuing education hours. According to Dr. Kerry Healey, DVM, “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to attend the Veterinary Financial Summit. Winning this raffle through NOMV is greatly appreciated. As a solo practice owner, I have felt increasingly isolated and it can be hard to know whose advice to trust, especially if they are outside of our field. This summit looks like it will be very helpful for me and I look forward to a more peaceful relationship to the financial management of myself and my business. This will help immensely with the dread and anxiety that can take over at times. Having never been comfortable with math and metrics, I am hopeful this summit will offer some great advice that is easy to integrate and will change my life and business for the better!” Another lucky winner, Dr. Brittney Kessler, DVM also shared “Winning this raffle through NOMV was a one in a lifetime opportunity. The information I obtained will ultimately help me with practice ownership and student loan repayment. Thank you for holding such an amazing conference.”

NOMV is so grateful to the Vet Financial Summit team and their commitment to the veterinary profession and we hope to continue our partnership for years to come!

Finances are consistently one of the top concerns of vet professionals. The mission of Veterinary Financial Summit is to improve our colleagues' financial wellness.
Headshot of Dr. Meredith Jones, DVM
Dr. Meredith Jones, DVM
Veterinary Financial Summit, Co-Founder