NOMV Advocates - Australia Outreach Event

NOMV Advocate Nicole shares her story about volunteering with NOMV and delivering these awesome treats to spread positivity at clinics in her area 💚
“I decided to be a volunteer because my local vet lost one of their young vet nurses last year. My daughter’s best friend worked at that clinic and she told us about it and how upsetting it was. I then discovered NOMV on Facebook and I looked into it and decided to become a volunteer and raise awareness in our community for all out local vets.
I organized special cookies with the NOMV logo and I made up gift baskets for my local vets with thank you cards and cookies to thank them for their tireless work, especially during COVID.
The baskets were very much appreciated after the stress the entire veterinary community faced these past few years 🥰”
Thank you SO MUCH to our NOMV Advocate team for spreading awareness and outreach to your local areas – in Nicole’s case some lucky Aussie vet clinics!
If you’re inspired to become a NOMV Advocate, fill out an application.