NOMV Welcomes Associated Veterinary Partners (AVP) as a generous supporter to the NOMV Student Chapter Program.

December 16, 2022

NOMV Student Support & Mentorship Committee welcomes Associated Veterinary Partners (AVP) as a generous supporter and dedicated ally to the NOMV Student Chapter Program. AVP and its member practices are committed to the mission of NOMV, so it was a perfect fit for this program.

NOMV and AVP have been partners since AVP’s inception. “NOMV is supporting the veterinary profession in profound ways. I feel a deep personal connection with their mission, and as a veterinarian founded and veterinarian operated group Associated Veterinary Partners is committed to promoting personal wellness in our profession. “- Dr. Bill Wagner, COO and Co-founder at AVP.

As we know all too well, managing one’s mental wellbeing can be a critical challenge in the current veterinary landscape. This is why NOMV and AVP are partnering to support DVMs and Veterinary team members as they begin their future in veterinary medicine.

“Each of us here at the Success Center and throughout the network passionately believes in preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s veterinary challenges. We are honored to be the exclusive sponsor of the NOMV Student Chapter Program.” – Dzmitry Miranovich, CEO and Co-Founder of AVP.

“The mission of NOMV Student Chapters is to transform the student experience through education, support, and advocacy for mental health and wellbeing. We feel these are critical milestones of professional success. With Dzmitry, Dr. Wagner, and AVP in our corner, I believe we can.” – Dr. Taylor Miller, Professional Counselor Associate at NOMV.

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