PTSD & Trauma through a Veterinary Lens: A Webinar Series

The Overlap of Personal and Professional Trauma in Veterinary Medicine

In this presentation, Dr. Taylor Miller, DVM, MS, Professional Counselor Associate covers the following topics: How we think about trauma, what we bring with us into the field, how we are trained to approach trauma, how we experience trauma during our careers, what we take home with us, the trauma we don’t expect, and a trajectory from masking to coping to healing.

Dr. Taylor Miller, DVM, MS, Professional Counselor Associate

Taylor is a 2010 graduate of the Oregon State College of Veterinary Medicine and a Professional Counselor Associate in the state of Oregon. Her interest in mental health began during vet school and culminated in the pursuit of a Masters in Mental Health Counseling. After nine years exclusively in the veterinary world, she has restructured her time to focus on her mission of improving the mental health and wellbeing of veterinary professionals as a counselor and educator.

Taylor serves on the Student Support and Mentorship Committee and is an active speaker in support of NOMV’s education initiative. She joined the NOMV Board of Directors in 2022.

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