GetMotiVETed University - School of Wellbeing for Veterinary Professionals

 Continuing Education (CE) Resource


On-demand CE and Veterinary Burnout P.R.E.P. Certification Program covering a variety of wellbeing topics. A la carte courses offered as well as subscriptions.  Renee Machel is a past veterinary nurse who has become a motivational speaker and practices yoga, mindfulness meditation, and reports to be a certified coach. Dr Quincy Hawley is the President of the North Carolina Association of Minority Veterinarians, and practices Vet. Medicine part time for Banfield. There are more seminars averaging $47 per session, with some (few) that offer RACE approved courses typically 2 credits. The cost of their P.R.E.P Certification Program to understand and prevent job burnout is $397. There is a free podcast that you can subscribe to and hear them and some guest speakers discuss relevant topics. This is an online business model, the topics look interesting and helpful to those seeking help in better enjoying their work.


Varies from @$47 for 2 RACE credits, or $497 for a 12 month access membership

  • Listing ID: 8507
  • Location: United States
  • Restrictions: Anyone in the vet medical field from student to degreed professional, including nurses, office staff, pharmacological/ lab techs, pretty much anyone working in the field.