Kako Si? How Are You?


how are you? is an online platform created with the purpose of providing psychological support to a wider population during the COVID-19 pandemic and earthquakes in Croatia. It was initiated by 18 psychology students under the supervision of Prof. Nataša Jokić-Begić, PhD, and today it is led by psychologists and psychology students. how are you? provides free, personalised and accessible psychological help through email-based counselling – for everyone, including anonymous inquiries. They also provide in-person counseling at a newly opened counseling center intended primarily for young people who experience anxiety or depression symptoms. They also offer learning assistance for all ages – elementary, high school and college students. The services are provided by an experienced CBT psychotherapist and enthusiastic graduate psychologists under the supervision of an experienced mentor.

  • Listing ID: 9740
  • Location: Croatia
  • Restrictions: must live in Croatia