Ohio Mental Health Insurance Assistance Office


The Ohio Mental Health Insurance Assistance Office is the state’s official resource to help consumers, mental health advocates, behavioral health providers, employers, first responders, and other stakeholders, understand and navigate mental health and substance use disorder insurance so Ohioans get access to the treatment they need.

This free service is for individuals, families, and behavioral health providers who need help understanding and accessing their mental health benefits. Whether you have health insurance through an employer, a government program, purchased it directly through an agent, or are uninsured, WE CAN HELP!

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  • Location: United States
  • Restrictions: must live in Ohio
Contact details

50 W Town Street Suite 300, Columbus Ohio 43215OHIO,USA,43215 855-438-6442 getmhia@insurance.ohio.gov https://insurance.ohio.gov/consumers/mental-health/getmhia