Windsor Essex Housing Benefit

 Rent/Utility Assistance

The WEHB is a monthly benefit paid directly to you to help you pay your rent. You can use the benefit amount to help pay your rent anywhere in Windsor Essex County. The amount of WEHB you receive is not based on the amount of rent you pay, but on an assessment of your household’s total earnings and the average market rent amounts in the area where you live.

  • Listing ID: 9753
  • Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  • Restrictions: Household member(s) are residents in the Windsor Essex service area. At least 1 household member is 16 years of age or older and able to live independently. All household members are Canadian Citizens, permanent residents, applicants for permanent residency or refugee claimants, and are not be subject to a removal order. No member of the household is receiving rent-geared-to-income (RGI), Canada Ontario Housing Benefit (COHB), a housing allowance, rent supplement or other housing benefits. Any household income is within the applicable RGI income limit set out in the Local Rules Windsor Essex (or successor directives). The household does not owe arrears for rent, damages or misrepresentation of income to a social housing provider in Ontario, unless there is a payment agreement in place or the household has made reasonable efforts to enter into a repayment agreement.
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2470 Dougall Avenue, Unit 6 | Windsor, ON, Canada | N8X 1T2Ontario,CANADA,N8X 1T2 519-776-4631 x 4005