Crisis Lines

Contact Cares offers confidential help lines for individuals of all ages. Trained volunteers provide supportive listening, counseling, crisis intervention, and referrals to callers. All help...

  • Location: USA>California>San Jose

 Crisis Lines /  San Jose

The clinic provides a 24-hour 7-day a week service to anyone who calls, offering crisis intervention and emotional support, as well as information and referrals....

  • Location: USA>Washington>Olympia

 Crisis Lines /  Olympia

The 24-Hour Crisis Line provides immediate help to individuals, families, and friends of people in emotional crisis. We can help you determine if you or...

  • Location: USA>Washington

 Crisis Lines /  WASHINGTON

24/7 free and confidential crisis help and support

  • Location: USA>Utah>Salt Lake City

 Crisis Lines /  Salt Lake City

24/7 hotline. Our team is comprised of caring individuals who are specially trained mental health and peer support specialists. We have a dedicated clinical supervisor...

  • Location: USA>New Jersey>Newark

 Crisis Lines /  Newark

Free 24/7 counseling, coaching, and support, as well as links to mental health, addiction, and crisis services.

  • Location: USA>Delaware

 Crisis Lines /  DELAWARE

Since 2007, we’ve helped thousands of individuals and families in Arizona. Our professionally-trained Crisis Intervention Specialists listen and respond to your specific needs. Whether you’re...

  • Location: USA>Arizona>Phoenix

 Crisis Lines /  Phoenix

PRN’s confidential 24/7 peer support warm-line serving Mecklenburg County residents, 833-390-7728, is available anytime, any day if you’re feeling isolated and alone, need to talk...

  • Location: USA>North Carolina>Charlotte

 Crisis Lines /  Charlotte

Emergency psychiatric assessment, immediate intervention for family crises, interventions for parents and children and assistance to the hospital or other appropriate psychiatric care for residents...

  • Location: USA>North Carolina>Charlotte

 Crisis Lines /  Charlotte

We do this by providing the community with a free and confidential crisis and suicide prevention helpline that offers crisis intervention, supportive and non-judgmental active...

  • Location: USA>North Carolina>Charlotte

 Crisis Lines /  Charlotte

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