MNLRIS provides legal assistance at reduced rates for low-income individuals facing a variety of legal issues. Attorneys participating in the program agree to provide full...

  • Location: USA>Minnesota>Minneapolis
  • Restrictions: Eligible clients will be employed or on SSI/ SSDI; Have a household income that lies between 125-250% of the federal poverty guidelines, and limited accessible assets.

 Legal Resources /  Minneapolis

People & Pets Together helps families facing economic hardship by operating a pet food shelf in Minneapolis, by providing pet food to food shelves in...

  • Location: USA>Minnesota>Minneapolis
  • Restrictions: If you live outside the twin cities you can only use the services once a year. Site is on the transit line, and is handicapped accessible.

 Pet Food /  Minneapolis

We believe in an equitable food system where access to nutritious food is a basic right for all. Last year we distributed more than 8...

  • Location: USA>Minnesota>Minneapolis
  • Restrictions: Anyone living within 100 miles of the twin cities

 Food Bank /  Minneapolis

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