HAWC provides safety and comprehensive, life-saving services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence, empowering individuals, families, and communities to transform trauma, achieve independence, and...

  • Location: Houston, Texas, United States

 Family Violence Resource /  Houston

The Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council (HCDVCC) is an accredited 501(c)(3) organization serving the Harris County area. They provide a variety of programs and...

  • Location: Texas, United States

 Family Violence Resource /  TEXAS

The Community Assistance Center Food Pantry follows a "client choice" model and resembles a small grocery market, where our clients can select products based on...

  • Location: Montgomery, Texas, United States

 Food Bank /  TEXAS

Montgomery County Food Bank is a nonprofit, hunger relief organization dedicated to uniting the community to fight hunger. Montgomery County Food Bank provides nutritious food...

  • Location: Montgomery County, Texas, United States

 Food Bank /  TEXAS

Veterinary Social Worker. Provides sliding scale therapy to veterinary professions.. Therapist has a therapy dog, uses emdr, dbt, experienced trauma therapist 

  • Location: Texas, USA

 Therapist/Counselor /  Austin

Various support options to Collin County residents including housing assistance, food pantry, employment assistance, etc

  • Location: USA>Texas>Allen

 Other /  Allen

Search your area’s comprehensive directory to find services related to behavioral health, crisis services, and substance use. Whether you're looking for programs or facilities, you'll...

  • Location: United States>Texas>Amarillo

 Other /  Amarillo

24 hour hotline + resources PROGRAMS & ADMIN 210-930-3669 CRISIS HOTLINE 210-733-8810

  • Location: USA>Texas>San Antonio

 Family Violence Resource /  San Antonio

24/7 helpline

  • Location: USA>Texas>Houston

 Family Violence Resource /  Houston

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