Express Psychiatric Care, Crisis Psychiatric Care, and Progressions Psychiatric Care

  • Location: United States

 Therapist/Counselor /  USA

Veterinary Social Worker. Provides sliding scale therapy to veterinary professions.. Therapist has a therapy dog, uses emdr, dbt, experienced trauma therapist 

  • Location: Texas, USA

 Therapist/Counselor /  Austin

Counseling services to a varied population including children. They specialize in working with families in the Military, First Responders, Medical Staff and Emergency Personnel. This...

  • Location: Canton, Massachusetts, United States

 Therapist/Counselor /  MASSACHUSETTS

Vets4Vets offers support for veterinary colleagues through every stage of their career- from veterinary school through retirement, through one on one conversations and mentoring, as...

  • Location: United States
  • Restrictions: Must be in the veterinary profession

 Therapist/Counselor /  USA

SE is a body-based approach to release traumatic shock, helping transform PTSD and other emotional or early developmental trauma-inducing wounds. This website contains a practitioner...

  • Location: Worldwide


Certified therapist directory for TRE, a trauma and stress management technique which under guidance allows to release and manage deep tension during trauma or chronic...

  • Location: Worldwide


Outpatient therapy specifically tailored for veterinary staff mental health, run by former Veterinary Social Worker. This therapist is a former Veterinary Social Worker, with over...

  • Location: Boston >> Massachusetts >> United States
  • Restrictions: Therapy is only provided to Massachusetts residents due to license restrictions. Coaching is available to all.

 Therapist/Counselor /  Boston

Community Adult Treatment Services (CATS) provides outpatient psychiatric services, outreach, case management, outpatient, resource and referral services. The other component offers homeless outreach, housing and...

  • Location: San Joaquin County, California, United States

 Therapist/Counselor /  San Joaquin County

The Best Friend Gone Project offers counseling resources to Louisiana residents for anticipated grief, end-of-life decisions, and grief and loss of a beloved companion animal.

  • Location: United States
  • Restrictions: must be a resident of Louisiana

 Therapist/Counselor /  LOUISIANA

Website with a library of counselors in NC (or in US) that offer low cost mental health support - most are on a sliding scale....

  • Location: United States > North Carolina

 Therapist/Counselor /  NORTH CAROLINA

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