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This list was created by gathering peer recommendations. You are receiving recommendations from fellow veterinary professionals about resources in their area that they use/like. Resources may change over time, or your experience with the resource may be different from that of the recommender. In no way are any of the recommendations officially endorsed by NOMV. NOMV is simply making these peer recommendations available. Any issues or red flags with listed resources should be addressed by emailing

This database is:

  • Peer suggested resources
  • Sorted by volunteers 
  • Evolving – new resources are added as they become available

The database is not:

  • Comprehensive (listing all resources everywhere)
  • Created by mental health professionals 
  • An endorsement of any of these resources by NOMV

If you are a veterinary professional that would like to add additional resources to this list, please submit the resource for review.

Seize The Awkward’s web page contains self-care and coping strategies and information on how to find additional help for mental health purposes.

  • Location: United States

 Other /  USA

Ahimsa House services are available anywhere in Georgia and all services are completely free of charge. Direct Services Programs A 24-hour statewide crisis line  Emergency…

  • Location: Georgia >> United States
  • Restrictions: Must be a resident of Georgia state

 Housing Resources /  GEORGIA

The Tripawds Foundation provides a variety of free resources and assistance programs for pet amputees including: Tripawds Helpline, a 24/7 toll-free Tripawds Helpline, offering guidance…

  • Location: United States

 Other /  USA

The Health Information Tool for Empowerment (HITE) is an online directory offering information on more than 6,000 health and social services available to low-income, uninsured,…

  • Location: New York >> United States
  • Restrictions: mainly for people located in New York City, Long Island, and Westchester

 Other /  NEW YORK

Outpatient therapy specifically tailored for veterinary staff mental health, run by former Veterinary Social Worker. This therapist is a former Veterinary Social Worker, with over…

  • Location: Boston >> Massachusetts >> United States
  • Restrictions: Therapy is only provided to Massachusetts residents due to license restrictions. Coaching is available to all.

 Therapist/Counselor /  Boston

Tim McFillin, CLTC is a Student Loan Financial Advisor through the AVMA, Authorized AVMA Life Advisor and president of the Medical Advisor’s Group team. The…

  • Location: United States
  • Restrictions: those seeking financial advising, insurance, or long term care insurance

 Financial Planning /  Remote

Offers two free educational programs (Financial Future and Life Launch) in both english and spanish. The programs are 3-4 months long and offer educational workshops/classes…

  • Location: United States
  • Restrictions: Low-income women over the age of 14. Their programs are for cis and trans women as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of women.


Community Adult Treatment Services (CATS) provides outpatient psychiatric services, outreach, case management, outpatient, resource and referral services. The other component offers homeless outreach, housing and…

  • Location: San Joaquin County, California, United States

 Therapist/Counselor /  San Joaquin County

Active Minds is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting mental health, especially among young adults, via peer-to-peer dialogue and interaction. They offer various programs and…

  • Location: United States

 Other /  Washington DC

This web page by the Society for Companion Animal Studies has a list of pet food banks in various regions throughout the UK. There are…

  • Location: United Kingdom


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