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This list was created by gathering peer recommendations. You are receiving recommendations from fellow veterinary professionals about resources in their area that they use/like. Resources may change over time, or your experience with the resource may be different from that of the recommender. In no way are any of the recommendations officially endorsed by NOMV. NOMV is simply making these peer recommendations available. Any issues or red flags with listed resources should be addressed by emailing

This database is:

  • Peer suggested resources
  • Sorted by volunteers 
  • Evolving – new resources are added as they become available

The database is not:

  • Comprehensive (listing all resources everywhere)
  • Created by mental health professionals 
  • An endorsement of any of these resources by NOMV

If you are a veterinary professional that would like to add additional resources to this list, please submit the resource for review.

services include a help-line, online emotional support (chat), information and referrals, volunteer opportunities and community training workshops.

  • Location: USA>New Mexico>Albuquerque

 Crisis Lines /  Albuquerque

  • Location: USA>Louisiana

 Support Group

Centralized system for referral to emergency shelter and local food bank locations.

  • Location: USA>Alaska>Ancourage

 Other /  Anchorage

Alaska Careline provides crisis intervention for individuals considering suicide, or experiencing crisis, isolation, or depression. Careline also supports survivors of suicide through ongoing support, crisis…

  • Location: USA>Alaska>Fairbanks

 Crisis Lines /  Fairbanks

Provides both crisis and long-term mental health care for children, families, teens, and adults. This includes individual and group therapy, case management, and medication management…

  • Location: USA>Alaska>Anchorage

 Other /  Anchorage

ALSC assists clients who are facing critical civil legal issues ranging from consumer law, family law, housing problems, public benefits, healthcare, Alaska Native law, and…

  • Location: USA>Alaska

 Legal Resources /  ALASKA

Due to COVID, in person services are suspended. Services include a hotline, individual counseling, crime victim assistance, community education, legal system advocacy, etc. All services…

  • Location: USA>New York>Albany

 Family Violence Resource /  Albany

24/7 psychiatric crisis services from Capital District Psychiatric Center Crisis Unit and Mobile Crisis Team. Sliding scale prices if you don’t have insurance, but they…

  • Location: USA>New York>Albany

 Crisis Lines /  Albany

Works to connect individuals with basic and immediate needs. They offer coffee, food, referrals, and other group/individual support. 7:30-4:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. 7:30-1:30pm…

  • Location: USA>New Mexico>Albuquerque

 Housing Resources /  Albuquerque

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