NOMV Advocates


The mission of the NOMV Advocate Program is to make a framework accessible for volunteers to create a positive impact on mental health by providing outreach to veterinary professionals, raising awareness among the public, and raising funds to support NOMV.

Advocate Baskets


The purpose of NOMV Advocates Baskets is to provide veterinary professionals with the following:

  • Resources to assist them or their colleagues or friends with mental wellness needs.
  • Connection with a NOMV Representative who can answer questions and provide information about NOMV Programs and how they can support individuals and clinics.
  • Demonstrate appreciation from the NOMV community and the community at-large for their dedication to animal health and show an understanding of the difficulty of that work.

Pay It Forward

In order to continue offering these baskets to individuals and clinics in need, we operate on a pay it forward, give what you can model. Purchasing a NOMV Advocate Basket(s) will allow a struggling veterinary professional in need to receive a basket completely free of charge for as long as we have funds available.