We hold a monthly support group where everyone is always welcome as well as provide peer support as needed. We also host the annual International...

  • Location: Canada>Ontario>London
  • Restrictions: LGBTQIA+

 LGBTQIA+ /  London

24/7 LGBTQ+ helpline

  • Location: USA>Texas>Houston
  • Restrictions: LGBTQIA+

 LGBTQIA+ /  Houston

We are an LGBTQ-friendly, inclusive medical practice offering Primary Care, Behavioral Health Services, and Social Support for all communities and all genders. Tue - Fri:...

  • Location: USA>Hawaii>Honolulu
  • Restrictions: LGBTQIA+

 LGBTQIA+ /  Honolulu

Regular support meetings, socials, and special events for trans & gender diverse folks (and allies) to connect, support, and be with one another. A dynamic...

  • Location: USA>Oregon>Eugene
  • Restrictions: LGBTQIA+

 LGBTQIA+ /  Eugene

Resource Center was established in 1983 with a focus on education and service, and a goal of achieving recognition and equal rights for gays and...

  • Location: USA>Texas>Dallas
  • Restrictions: LGBTQIA+

 LGBTQIA+ /  Dallas

Safe and welcoming location for group meetings/activities for LBGT community. Hours limited due to COVID, check site or call

  • Location: USA>Idaho>Boise
  • Restrictions: LGBTQIA+

 LGBTQIA+ /  Boise

Diverse & Resilient LGBTQ anti-violence programs serve survivors of all violence: intimate partner, sexual, and hate- or community-based violence.

  • Location: USA>Wisconsin
  • Restrictions: LGBTQIA+

 LGBTQIA+ /  Wisconsin

Transgender Michigan’s primary mission is to provide advocacy, support and education while serving to create coalitions in the state of Michigan to unify and empower...

  • Location: USA>Michigan
  • Restrictions: LGBTQIA+


Hotline run by trained volunteer counselors

  • Location: USA>Illinois>Chicago
  • Restrictions: LGBTQIA+

 LGBTQIA+ /  Chicago

Time Out Youth’s Host Home Program helps LGBTQ youth who have been kicked out their homes due to sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression.

  • Location: USA>North Carolina>Charlotte
  • Restrictions: "Be 18-23 years old. Identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning. Be drug-free and willing to submit to a drug test. Submit to a criminal background check. Be employed, looking for employment, or in school."

 LGBTQIA+ /  Charlotte

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