International Doctors in AA is a fellowship of doctors (including DDS, DVM, pharm PHD) and their families whose primary purpose is to support one another...

  • Location: United States
  • Restrictions: This group is intended for doctoral level health care professionals (MD, PhD, DVM, and others with higher education practicing in many different health care arenas) and their family members.

 Support Group /  USA

Peer support for people that do or think they may have a problem with alcohol

  • Location: United States

 Support Group /  USA

The mail of victims/survivors of domestic violence/stalking are provided a safe address with which to reroute their mail through the postal service. Open only to...

  • Location: United States > Tennessee
  • Restrictions: Yes, must be resident of TN, victim/survivor of stalking, domestic violence, human trafficking..etc.

 Family Violence Resource /  TENNESSEE

Website with a library of counselors in NC (or in US) that offer low cost mental health support - most are on a sliding scale....

  • Location: United States > North Carolina

 Therapist/Counselor /  NORTH CAROLINA

Intended to serve adults experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis who do not need inpatient psychiatric hospital treatment. Access Centers provide significant and...

  • Location: United States > Iowa

 Other /  IOWA

Telephone line staffed by individuals with lived experience who provide nonjudgemental, nondirective support to an individual experiencing a crisis.

  • Location: United States > Iowa

 Crisis Lines /  IOWA

Statewide Crisis Line. Provides information and referral, counseling, crisis service coordination, and linkages to crisis screening and mental health services 24 hours a day. CALL...

  • Location: United States > Iowa

 Crisis Lines /  IOWA

We are open from 8AM to 4PM Monday through Friday. Offers low cost spay, neuter, vaccines, pet resources, and more!

  • Location: USA>Missouri>Kansas City

 Pet Food /  Kansas City

Information about North Carolina Mental Health services, who is eligible for low cost ones, etc. Includes local crisis lines, information about what to do if...

  • Location: United States>North Carolina


Addiction Resource is an informational content guide serving individuals and their families who struggle with addiction, substance abuse, and mental health disorders.

  • Location: United States

 Substance Abuse /  USA

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