Referral service connecting San Diego County residents to shelter and other community services.

  • Location: USA>California>San Diego

 Other /  San Diego

  • Location: USA>California>Los Angeles

 Other /  Los Angeles

In Orange County, we provide a variety of outreach and engagement services and operate programs including; census coordination, housing navigation, shelters and street-outreach (7-days a...

  • Location: USA>California

 Housing Resources /  CALIFORNIA

Mercy House provides dignified housing and comprehensive supportive services to a wide variety of homeless subpopulations including, but not limited to, adult men and women,...

  • Location: USA>California>Orange County

 Housing Resources /  Orange County

211 Sacramento is the area’s primary information and referral source for all types of services. 211 provides free, confidential information and referral services 24-hous a...

  • Location: USA>California>Sacramento

 Other /  Sacramento

The Sacramento LGBT Community Center works to create a region where LGBTQ+ people thrive. We support the health and wellness of the most marginalized, advocate...

  • Location: USA>California>Sacramento
  • Restrictions: LGBTQIA+

 LGBTQIA+ /  Sacramento

Our 24 hour helpline @ 1-800-600-HOPE (4673) – is designed to help any addict, any time, day or night that is seeking a meeting. Call...

  • Location: USA>California>Sacramento

 Substance Abuse /  Sacramento

We offer support to people of all ages and backgrounds during times of crisis or difficulty in a variety of settings.

  • Location: USA>California>Livermore

 Other /  Livermore

The Haven’s mission, to create homes free from abuse, began at its inception in 1977. Since that time, the Haven has assisted thousands of courageous...

  • Location: USA>California>Livermore

 Family Violence Resource /  Livermore

WEAVE’s mission is to promote safe and healthy relationships and support survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and sex trafficking.

  • Location: USA>California>Sacramento

 Family Violence Resource /  Sacramento

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