CPR for the Veterinary Soul​

We are seeing disturbing trends related to compassion fatigue, burnout, ethics exhaustion, decreased career satisfaction, and suicide in the industry. Learn why this is and what can we do about it.

A Survival Guide: When Veterinary Medicine Kicks You in the Teeth

In this course, Dr. Carrie Jurney, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology) tackles the difficult topic of mental health in veterinary medicine. Through this video training, you will learn how to build resiliency as you deal with the day to day tasks of your job. You will also learn the difference between problem based coping and emotional based coping and how these coping tools can help you to manage workplace stress while maintaining a strong mental health.

Confronting the Stigma of Suicide

It can awkward and uncomfortable to talk about suicide, but we need to shine a light on this dark subject. The more we discuss suicide and suicidal ideation, the less stigma will surround it, and the more adept we will be to recognize the signs and help our friends and colleagues who are suffering.