NOMV Intern Spotlight!

The NOMV team is grateful to work with some incredible MSW Interns, and we wanted to shine a special spotlight on those who have completed their internship!

After horrific cyberbullying, the MVMC team smiles holding a thank you sign in light of the support received from the greater community.

NOMV Cyberbullying Task Force

In light of recent cyberbullying attacks targeting Maine Veterinary Medical Center, Not One More Vet, Inc. partnered with MVMC to create a resource for veterinary clinics that find themselves in a similar position.

A gift basket with NOMV cookies and a thank you card

NOMV Advocates – Australia Outreach Event

NOMV Advocate Nicole shares her story about volunteering with NOMV and delivering these awesome treats to spread positivity at clinics in her area ?

“I decided to be a volunteer because my local vet lost one of their young vet nurses last year. My daughter’s best friend worked at that clinic and she told us about it and how upsetting it was. I then discovered NOMV on Facebook and I looked into it and decided to become a volunteer and raise awareness in our community for all out local vets.

Kerry Healey - Vet Financial Summit Winner

NOMV Giveaway: Vet Financial Summit Tickets

As a solo practice owner, I have felt increasingly isolated and it can be hard to know whose advice to trust, especially if they are outside of our field. This summit looks like it will be very helpful for me and I look forward to a more peaceful relationship to the financial management of myself and my business.